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Web Updates! (22 June 2013)

More pictures... More, more pictures.

Page 15 has been completed and pages 16 has been added.  Enjoy

Fathers' Day! (16 June 2013)

Happy day to all the fathers out there, including my dad, Georges Martel

I've not worked as diligently as before but I've still managed to add one more page.

Page 14 has been completed and pages 15 has been added.  Enjoy

Web Updates! (11 June 2013)

I've worked diligently at adding pictures of gunplumbers.  I've added two pages to the photo album since the site re-
launch.  Each page contains 50 pictures.

Page 12 has been completed and pages 13 and 14 have been added.  Enjoy

Web Updates! (08 June 2013)

I've fixed the photo albums. Therefore the armourers' names are now visible

I've started adding previously missing pictures.  I've added the pictures of Dan Germain, Raymond Gauthier, Ken
Greer, Dave Olive, Gaston Guay, Robert Oliver, Dave Olson and Donna Otterman.

They can be viewed in their individual alphabetised listings or all together in the photo album

More pictures! (04 June 2013)

I've started adding previously missing pictures.  I've added the pictures of Harvey Pope, Mario Doré and Brian Frank.

They can be viewed in their individual alphabetised listings or all together in the photo album

Update! (02 June 2013)

The site is back up as of 02 June 2013. The site is exactly as it used to be but we will be making changes in the
coming weeks/months.

It's good to be back! (and long overdue as is evidenced in the previous update.)

Guy Bowser (01 June 2009)

Just thought I would let you know that Guy Bowser died in PEI at 1315 today 1 Jun 2009.  He
had been battling cancer and had been in and out of hospital for the past few months.  Details
haven’t been  finalized but  there is  going to be  a rather  informal  service on  Thursday 4 Jun
2009 in Summerside.

Armament Trade Badge, Old or New??? (08 April 2009)

From:         Gyuk CWO JS@A4 Maint@Winnipeg
Sent:          Tuesday, 7, April, 2009 07:32 AM
To:              All Armourers
Subject:     Trade badge

     Fellow Armourers

 With the establishment of the resurrection of the AWS occupation, there is a requirement to design, approve and
produce a trade badge

 The designing phase is the time where all members within the Air Maintenance community can participate.  I am
soliciting the assistance of your creative and artistic personnel to submit designs for the new AWS trade badge.  If
however, it is determined that the majority of those who are planning to transfer to the AWS occupation wish to
resurrect the old trade badge, then that is what we will do.

 Keep in mind, if letters are used ie: the ACS badge, the meaning must be bilingual. In addition, the area is very
small for stitching, therefore simplicity is best.

 Those who wish to submit a design can do so by sending the design directly to me by the end of May 09.

 The selection board is looking forward to the judging of the submitted designs.

 Thank-you in advance for your assistance.

J.S. (Sandor) Gyuk
 AVN SOA A4 Maintenance
 1 Canadian Air Division | Quartier général de la 1re Division aérienne du Canada
 National Defence | Défense nationale
 Winnipeg, Canada R3J 3Y5
 Telephone | Téléphone 204-833-2500 ext 5966
 Facsimile | Télécopieur 204-833-2560
 Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada

2009 Jim Zotek Memorial Armament Curling Bonspiel (08 February 2009)

From:         Dent Sgt SW@1AMS@Cold Lake
Sent:          Thursday, 5, February, 2009 09:15 AM
To:              All Armourers
Subject:     Bonspiel

     The bonspiel is on the 21st of February.  I would like for you to canvass all the other armourers that you know to see who would like to partake
and if they will be bringing their spouses or whatever.  The cost will be around $25.00 that will cover the prizes food and curling I
need to know by
the 13th of Feb 12:00 noon
.  Thanks
> Stephen ( Bucky ) Dent
> Sergeant | Sergeant
> 1 Air Maintenance Squadron | 1 Escadron de Maintenance
> 4 Wing Cold Lake | 4e Escadre Cold Lake PO Box 6550 Station Forces
> CP 6550 Succ Forces Cold Lake AB T9M 2C6
> Telephone 780-840-8000/8361
> CSN: 690-8361
> Facsimile | Telecopier: 780-840-7337
> Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada

 Bruce Webb Suffered a Heart Attack (7 January 2009)

     Bruce Webb suffered a heart attach on 1 Jan 09.  He was transported fr St Joseph's Hospital ICU in Comox to
Victoria.  Bruce underwent antiogram on Monday, January 6th.  They found and cleared a blockage in a main artery
to his heart.  He was released from hospital that evening and is doing well.

2009 Jim Zotek Memorial Armament Curling Bonspiel (25 December 2008)

     The Armament Bonspiel is currently being planned.  A meeting of minds will take place early in the next year.

     The tentative date for the Bonspiel has been set to 07 Mar 2009.

     Stay tune for more information as it becomes available.


"Taz is Back" Picture (02 July 2008)

     Pat Savoie drew an awesome picture of the return of Taz!  Well he
actually drew two, the last one is made to replace the first one as the
1st one has a CWO rank which is not possible in the new AWS trade since WO
and above will be Air Maintenance Superintendants (AMSupt).  The
highest rank an armourer will be able to achieve will be Sgt.  If you
have the old picture, here is the new one.

Once I have more time, I will post it and another one on the Graffiti page.

 Passing of Paul Haswell (13 April 2008)

It is with sadness that I post the passing of Paul Haswell in Hamilton, March 31st 2008.
Many will remember Paul as a hard working armourer as well as a DJ at CFNS. Paul was a happy
go lucky guy that would do anything he could to help anyone and often did. He is survived by
his wife Elizabeth, a daughter and two grandchildren.

     Nicole & Valère Côté

More on the Resurrection of the Armament Trade (11 April 2008)

     The web site on the CF Intranet DIN where you can find Questions & Answers and a forum regarding the "Air
Tech Transformation" can be found at
Copy the hyperlink and paste it in your browser at work as it is on the Intranet DIN and not the Internet.

     The latest words are:

  •  that Implementation will start in earnest in APS 09 and we expect the total transition to take 5-7 years.
  • They are committed to recording every question, doing the legwork and providing qualified answers to you all. To this end a Q & A website
    will be stood up shortly which identifies what they know now.  As each visit is completed and answers are confirmed they will be added to
    the site. A discussion group has been formed on the National DIN home page.  Every one of you (CF members) will be able to join that
    group.  As topics (forums) are introduced they will be assigned to one of the Senior Occupation Advisors (SOA) or an Military Employment Structure-Implementation Planning (MES-IP) Team member to chair and research.
  • After the SOAs visit they will be asking those members who are interested in finding out more about "Volunteering to Compulsory Occupation
    Transfer (V/COT)" to AWS, to complete a short on-line survey which will give them their qualifications, experience and demographics data.
    They require this data to be able to model how long it will take them to successfully grow the new AWS occupation.  You already appreciate
    how 'tight' the CF is with our current commitments, so they need a plan that will not fail, not one that just looks good on paper.  They won't
    burden you with paper forms or booklets to complete,  this will be a simple group of questions asked via the DIN and can be completed in the
    workplace.  No member will be committing to anything at this point.
  • They don't have all the answers.  CWO Alex does not have all the answers, nor do the SOAs or the CMs.  But collectively we and our most
    senior leadership are convinced this is the way forward and as a true team committed to the outcome they can refine this model and make it
    truly what the maintenance community should be and will be for the future.  They are not afraid of 'Nay Sayers', neither is CWO Alex or the team.
    They need to hear their voice.  In 1995 the amalgamation was wounded before it really got off the ground because of the unqualified 'talk
    around the coffee boat'.  A lack of understanding at the WO and Sgt level cannot be overcome by a single speech from a CO, SAMEO or SWO. 
    They have learnt that lesson.  You can expect an aggressive communication plan that they want you to champion.  They did not say that you have
    to be in full agreement.  They need you all to ensure that every members have the opportunity to ask questions and access the information they
    need to fully understand what will be happening in the coming years.


More on the Resurrection of the Armament Trade (09 April 2008)

     Those who transfer to the new AWS occupation and had the 572 MOC will keep their current ranks.

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